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Meet Sonja

Hello everyone! My name is Sonja Elise (pronounced SOAN-yuh, the J is pronounced like a Y). I’m an artist based out of Staten Island, NY. Tattooing has been something I’ve known I wanted to do since I was 16 years old. I finally got my opportunity with an apprenticeship at Bullseye Tattoos on Staten Island when I was 19, and have been working there to this day, and tattooing full time since 2016. I’ve learned so much about art, gained experience, had incredible opportunities, and have met tons of talented artists. Through this amazing journey, I’ve also learned a lot about myself, and grateful for everything. More importantly, I am so excited for the future.

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A little more?

Keep reading if you would like to get to know me a bit more! I was born and raised in New York City. My family moved from Brooklyn to Staten Island when I was about 6 years old. I’m second generation in the USA, my lineage dates entirely back to Norway (hence my very Norwegian name and spelling).

I’m a huge animal lover! Currently, I have 3 adorable black cats at home whom I love with all my heart. My 2 boys are Vader and Norman, and my little lady is Brew. While I’m tattooing, you’re always welcome to ask about my kitties!

When I’m not tattooing or drawing, I spend my time either playing with my cats, watching movies/shows, reading, playing video games, or spending time with my loved ones.

Some of my favorite series are Jurassic Park, Pokémon, Godzilla, Alien, and Gears of War. I’m also a fan of some sillier things like Rick and Morty, and SpongeBob!

If you decide to get tattooed by me, you’re more than welcome to ask about any of these things! I’m sure we’ll find tons of more things to talk about. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Tattoo Portfolio

My primary focus with tattooing is mini realistic animal portraits. However, I do enjoy doing larger animal portraits and floral pieces as well!

To see more of my tattoo work, follow me on Instagram!

Although I do mainly focus on animal portraits. I do occasionally do some SpongeBob tattoos and always down to do some more!

More to come soon!


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Be prepared for your tattoo

All tattoos require thorough aftercare, and Mad Rabbit has the best tattoo aftercare on the market. I’m a proud Mad Rabbit sponsored artist, and I stand by their products. They have tons of options, and all of their aftercare has organic and natural ingredients that are soothing, gentle and refreshing for all skin types. Their ointment works extremely well in healing tattoos, and they also have long term aftercare that can help nourish and preserve the longevity of your tattoos. As someone with very sensitive skin myself, I stick with these products. Of course I’m going to go over thorough aftercare once your tattoo is complete, but I recommend getting a head start and ordering some aftercare to have ready for your tattoo!

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I currently have no upcoming guest spots, but stay tuned for all updates!

Frequented Guest Locations:

california, U.S.A.

San Jose

San Diego

Massachusetts, U.S.A.


Florida, U.S.A.


And more locations to come!

Due to the high demand and very limited appointments available during travel dates, I do have a wait list! You can be from any state to get on this list, not just from the states I have traveled to. To get on this wait list, just send me an email! Include your ideas, where you’re located, and contact information, and I’ll respond with all necessary information!

This wait list does not require a deposit, it only gives you first priority booking, and in case of any last minute cancellations. Just keep in mind, this wait list does not automatically guarantee an appointment, as stated it only gives priority booking.

The only way to guarantee your appointment is once I contact you and we discuss a date and time, and the required non-refundable deposit is set. Continue reading below for information on booking and deposits.

All tattoos are by appointment only, and all appointments are for my home shop Bullseye Tattoo, unless otherwise discussed (see travel details above). Everything is booked about 2-3 months in advance. Weekends usually tend to book up faster than weekdays. Unlike my travel dates, I do not have a wait list for my home location.

DEPOSITS: For all set appointments, there is always a required non- refundable deposit. If no deposit is set, there is no appointment. Appointment dates are first come first serve, so it’s always best to set the deposit as soon as we discuss an appointment date and time. If you wait days or weeks to set up the appointment, there is a high possibility that someone else has already booked that date.

RESCHEDULE POLICY: With a set deposit, you may only reschedule once with a minimum of 24 hours notice before your appointment date and time. If you reschedule more than once, or within the 24 hour time frame of your tattoo, your deposit will be forfeit. To set up another appointment, you would have to set up another separate non-refundable deposit. The same rules apply to every deposit.

BE AWARE: I can not tattoo you if you are pregnant or nursing, or anyone under the age of 18 years old. Certain medical conditions, allergies and medications can effect your eligibility to be tattooed. Your health is priority, so please check with your doctor before booking an appointment.

For all booking inquiries, setting up an appointment date and deposit, and all other information, send me an email or you can message me on Instagram!


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Bullseye Tattoo Studio

282 New Dorp Lane

Staten Island, New York 10306



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These are my ONLY social media and email address.

I do not have TikTok. If you see, or are contacted by any other profiles or email addresses with the same name as me, it is not me!

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